UFC Glendale Results: Michelle Waterson defeats Cortney Casey (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - April 14, 2018

UFC Glendale Results: Michelle Waterson defeats Cortney Casey

Michelle Waterson, Conor McGregor

A women’s strawweight bout between Michelle Waterson and Cortney Casey kicked off tonight’s UFC on FOX 29 main card in Glendale, Arizona.

Round one begins and Waterson fires off a pair of low kicks. Casey tries to step into the pocket but eats a kick to the body from Michelle. “The Karate Hottie” is using a lot of kick early here. She lands a stiff jab. Casey moves forward with a combination. Both women land low kicks. Casey with a nice left hook. She follows that up with a big right hand. Michelle is hurt. Casey presses her up against the cage. Waterson fires off a nice elbow and escapes the position. Waterson with a low kick. Casey steps in with a right hand but it is blocked. Casey shoots in but Waterson sweeps and winds up in top position. Casey rolls for an armbar. Waterson avoids the submission attempt. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Waterson lands a low kick to start. Casey rushes in with a combination and pushes Michele up against the cage. Waterson is able to break free from the position. Casey misses with an attempted head kick. Cortney is applying a ton of pressure now. Waterson smartly shoots in and scores a double leg takedown. She begins working from full guard. Casey locks in an amrbar that appears to be deep. Michelle is able to escape the hold and winds up back on top. Waterson with some short shots to the body. Casey grabs another arm and drops back for a submission. Waterson once again escapes and we are back on the feet. Waterson with a side kick and then another. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Waterson lands a high kick. Casey appears to have slowed down a little bit. She fires off a right hand but Michelle replies with a kick to the body. The fighters clinch along the fence. Casey breaks free and takes the center of the cage. Casey comes forward with a right hand. Michelle ducks under the punch and then scores a takedown. Casey immediately transitions to an armbar attempt. Michelle is defending but is in all sorts of trouble. Waterson breaks free and winds up on top. Big shots from Waterson now. Two minutes remain. Casey scrambles and gets back to her feet but eats a big right hand for her efforts. Casey circles and then lands a left. Casey comes forward with a combination but Michelle replies with a low kick. Waterson shoots in for another takedown. Casey sprawls and winds up taking the back of Waterson. Michelle needs to do something here. She scrambles and winds up on top but in an armbar. The horn sounds to save Waterson and we go to the judges scorecards for decision.

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