UFC 226 Results: Mike Perry defeats Paul Felder via split-decision (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 7, 2018

A welterweight scrap between Paul Felder and Mike Perry took place on tonight’s UFC 226 main card from Las Vegas.

Mike Perry

Paul Felder (15-3 MMA) enters tonight’s contest on a three-fight winnning streak, his latest being a second-round knockout victory over Charles Oliveira at UFC 218.

Meanwhile, Mike Perry will be looking to snap a two-fight losing skid against Felder. “Platinum” sports an overall record of 11-3 in mixed martial arts.

Round one begins and Felder lands a hard low kick to start. Perry moves forward and throws a punch. The fighters clash heads. That strike appears to have caused a cut on Felder and maybe Perry as well. Paul pushes Mike against the cage and works in an elbow. Perry responds with a huge elbow of his own. The fighters break and Felder lands a low kick. Perry responds with an oblique kick. Felder with a nice right hand over the top. He follows that up with a low kick. Perry steps in and lands a right hand. Felder fires right back with a low kick. Felder snaps a jab that connects. He backs off and Perry comes forward with a right hand. Mike is throwing big shots now. Perry avoids any serious damage and connects with a left. Perry takes the center of the octagon but eats a front kick to the body from Felder. Paul with a head kick that partially connects. Perry responds with right hand but Felder comes right back with a low kick. Felder moving along the cage now. Perry shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Paul lands a knee from the clinch. Perry breaks free and lands an elbow while doing so. Two good low kicks from Felder. He lands one to the body of Perry. Mike responds with a big shot to the body. Felder shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Felder lands a low kick. Both men land jabs to the body. Felder misses with a jab and then Perry with a wild left. Mike shoots in for a takedown and lifts Felder up and slams him down. That was impressive from Perry. Felder quickly scrambles and gets back to his feet. Perry still has him pressed against the cage and lands a big elbow. Felder scrambles free and takes the center of the cage. He presses towards Perry now and lands a jab. Perry misses with a big right hand. Felder hops around and then throws a low kick. He throws a side kick to the body of Perry. Halfway through the second round and Perry lands a left hand. Felder replies with a kick and then an elbow from close quarters. Felder side steps and then lands a low kick. Perry pressing forward now. He lands a left hook that opens a huge cut on Felder. The doctor is called in to take a look but we are allowed to continue. Upon restart and Perry presses Felder against the cage and then scores a takedown. Paul gets back to his feet and both men land hard elbows from the clinch. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Perry quickly presses forward. Felder revealed that he has a broken arm to his corner in between rounds. Paul throws a front kick at Perry that misses. Mike comes forward and lands a nice left hook. Felder misses with a right hand. Yes, he’s still throwing with that broken arm. Perry with an uppercut, Felder counters with an elbow followed by a low kick. Felder goes to the liver with a strike. Perry eats it and moves forward. Felder lands a knee and then a low kick. Perry just continues to charge after him. He lands a left hand. Felder with a kick to the body. He circles off the cage. Perry cuts him off and lands a right hand. He goes high with a head kick that just misses. Felder returns fire with a spinning roundhouse kick that just misses. Perry shoots in and presses Felder against the cage. He begins working some hard knees to the thigh. Felder returns fire with some short elbows from the position. Felder with a left hand and then a right. Both men are swinging wildly to the finish. The horn sounds to end the chaos and we go to the judges scorecards to for decision.

Mike Perry wins via split decision

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