UFC 221 Results: Israel Adesanya TKO’s Rob Wilkinson (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - February 10, 2018

UFC 221 Results: Israel Adesanya TKO’s Rob Wilkinson

Israel Adesanya

A middleweight scrap between highly touted promotional newcomer Israel Adesanya and hometown favorite Rob Wilkinson took place on tonight’s UFC 221 prelims.

Round one begins and Wilkinson immediately presses the action and forced Israel up against the cage. He is working on securing a takedown but Israel is defending well. Adesanya breaks free and lands a nice low kick. Rob charges forward and dives at Israel’s hips. He pushes the UFC newcomer against the cage. He works some knees and a short punch. Wilkinson searching for a single leg takedown. Israel scrambles free. Adesanya takes the center of the octagon and fires off a pair of hard low kicks. He lands a left hand but Wilkinson is able to duck under a second punch and gets a hold of Israel’s legs. Rob forces his opponent against the cage and proceeds to land a takedown. Israel pops right back up to his feet. The fighters battle along the cage. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Adesanya fires off a kick. Wilkinson charges forward with a left hand that misses. Israel scores with a stiff jab. He follows that up with a hard punch to the body. Wilkinson charges forward but Adesanya is able to avoid the takedown attempt. Israel with a nice kick followed by a big knee. Wilkinson desperately dives forward for a takedown. He pushes Israel against the cage and works a knee. Wilkinson is trying hard to get this fight to the ground but Israel won’t let him. Israel breaks free and lands a right hand followed by a head kick. Adesanya with a hard low kick now. It looks like he has broken Wilkinson’s nose. Big shots from Israel. He lands a hard knee to the body followed by another right hand. Huge punishment now from Israel. Rob Wilkinson finally hits the floor and this one is all over!

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