UFC 221 Live Results: Jussier Formiga stops Ben Nguyen in round 3 (VIDEO)

UFC 221 Live Results: Jussier Formiga stops Ben Nguyen

A flyweight scrap between Jussier Formiga and Ben Nguyen kicked off tonight’s UFC 221 prelims on FS1.

Round one begins and Ben Nguyen immediately pushes forward and engages Jussier in the clinch. He works in a few shorts shots against the cage. Formiga is able to break free and circles out. He lands a right hand but Ben quickly shoots in and presses him back against the cage. Formiga eats a couple of short shots but then quickly breaks free. He lands a nice counter right hand as Ben is pressing forward. Formiga shoots in and scores a nice takedown. He lands in side control and then makes a beautiful pass into full mount. Jussier with some shots from the position. Ben tries to scramble free but Formiga’s base is proving to be too much. Formiga with a nice elbow. He works in some short left hands. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Formiga lands a good counter left hand early. Ben slips but then finds hit footing. Formiga is bouncing around. The fighters are both trying to find their range. Ben shoots in and grabs the clinch. Formiga is bleeding now. Nguyen presses him against the cage. Formiga reverses the position and proceeds to break free from the clinch. Formiga with a nice low kick. He shoots in for a double leg but Ben defends nicely. Another shot from Formiga and this time he gets Nguyen to the canvas. Two minutes remain in round two. Forimga steps over into half guard. He leaps for full mount but Ben scrambles and gets back up to his feet. One minute remains in round two. Formiga with a nice right hand over the top. Ben presses forward but misses with a right hand attempt. He throws another that partially finds a home. Formiga misses with a spinning back kick. Ben says he was poked in the eye. The referee steps in and stops the action so that Nguyen can recover. We restart and round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Nguyen leaps in with a right hand over the top. Formiga counters nicely with a left. Both ben exchange shots in the center of the cage. Nguyen is letting his hands go here in round three. He’s biting down on his mouthpiece and unloading. Formifa with a spinning back fist that lands. Ben crashes to the ground. Formiga is on him instantly. He locks in a rear-naked choke. This one is all over!

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