UFC 213 Results: Robert Whittaker defeats Yoel Romero (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 8, 2017

UFC 213 Results: Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker

Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker squared off for the UFC’s interim middleweight title in the main event of tonight’s UFC 213 pay-per-view card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Romero takes the center of the cage. Whittaker comes forward with a head kick that misses. Romero responds with a side kick to the body that finds the mark. Whittaker pushes forward and throws a combination that just misses. Romero lands a nasty low kick that puts Robert down momentarily. Whittaker is back up now and leaps in with a front kick to the body that lands. Romero responds with a kick to the body. Whittaker leaps in with a left. Romero just misses with a hook kick. He shoots in and scores a takedown. Whittaker immediately scrambles and stands back up. They clinch against the cage and then break. Romero with a flying knee. He presses Robert up against the fence. Romero with a pair of knees to the thigh. Whittaker breaks free and circles out. He leaps in with a front kick to the body that lands. Romero fires back with a nice low kick. Whittaker circles and lands another nice front kick. One minute remains now. Whittaker with a right hand. Romero shoots in but cannot secure the takedown. He breaks and lands a hard low kick. Whittaker fires a high kick that just misses. Round one comes to an end.

Whittaker tells his corner that his left leg is busted up between rounds. Round two begins and Whittaker is bouncing around and then throws a high kick. Romero shoots in but can’t grab a hold of the Aussie. Superman punch just misses for Romero. Yoel is looking for a left hand. Both men land low kicks. Romero leaps in with a flying knee that lands. He circles and then shoots for a double leg. He gets the takedown. Some short shots fro the top by Romero. Yoel postures up but Robert uses that to scramble up to his feet. Romero has him pressed against the fence and throws a knee. He looks to trip Whittaker back down but Robert avoids. Two minutes remain in round two. Not much action here. Finally the referee steps in and breaks them up. Whittaker with a front kick to the body and then a left hand. Romero with a nice right hand. Robert lunges in with a knee. Romero avoids and presses him back up against the cage. Romero with the takedown just as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Whittaker misses with an early high kick attempt. He throws a kick to the body but Romero avoids. Both men leap in at the same time but neither lands anything significant. Romero shoots but Whittaker defends. Robert lands a nice left hook. He presses forward and lands another. Romero circles off the fence. Whittaker is applying all of the pressure now. Romero goes to the body with a kick. He looks a little tired now. Whittaker is trying to get inside. He lands a hard push kick followed by a high kick. Romero is on the retreat. Whittaker with another kick to the body. Romero leaps in with a straight right. Romero with a left but it falls short. Whittaker responds with a left hand. Another good left hook from Whittaker. Romero slips and Whittaker leaps in with a knee to the body. Romero is not throwing anything here. Whittaker has him on his bicycle. Whittaker with a knee and then a high kick. Round three comes to an end.

Round four begins and Whittaker leaps in with a push kick to the body. Romero throws a kick to the thigh. Whittaker with a hard kick to the body. Romero shoots in and grabs a hold of Whittaker. He attempts to take the back but Robert scrambles up to his feet and moves towards the cage. Romero works some knees. He looks to lock in one hook but Robert defends. Whittaker scrambles and breaks free. We are back to striking. Both men are looking tired now. Whittaker misses with a front kick. Romero leaps in and lands a knee to the body of the Aussie. Whittaker circles and then lands a left. He leaps in with a head kick but then misses with a left hook. Romero attempts a right but misses. Whittaker with a push kick that lands. Romero shoots for a takedown but eats right hand. Whittaker leaps forward and lands a left hand that stuns Romero. Yoel shoots in but cannot secure the takedown. Whittaker presses forward and lands a head kick. Romero with a low kick. Round four comes to an end.

Round five begins and it appears to be two round a piece at this point. Whittaker lands a left jab. Romero looks for a trip but it is not there. Whittaker with a knee and then left hand behind it. Romero circles and then lands a body kick followed by a left hand. Romero pushes forward again but eats a left. Whittaker counters with a right hand. Whittaker unloads a front kick to the body. Romero fires off a head kick. Both men are exhausted. Another good front kick from Whittaker. He throws a high kick. Romero is moving forward but eats a left. Just under three minutes remain. Romero presses forward with a left hook. Whittaker replies with a left. Romero goes upstairs with a kick that is partially blocked. Whittaker circles and lands a jab. Robert circles but Romero gets off a right hand. Whittaker leaps in but just misses. Romero falls Whittaker winds up taking top position. Robert is working from full guard now. He lands some huge elbows after moving to half guard. Romero is in trouble. The horn sounds to end the fight.

Whittaker wins via decision (48-47 x3)

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