TUF 25 Finale Results: Jared Cannonier TKO’s Nick Roehrick (Highlights)

TUF 25 Finale Results: Jared Cannonier vs. Nick Roehrick

A light heavyweight scrap between Jared Cannonier and Nick Roehrick took place on tonight’s TUF 25 Finale main card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Nick lands a left jab to start things off. He misses with a follow up right hand. Cannonier circles and then comes forward with a left. Both men are trying to find their range early. Roehrick misses with a pair of jabs. He throws a wild right that misses the mark. Jared tags him with a right and then another. Nick replies with a right hand of his own. Jared circles and then lands a right hand. Another massive right hand from Cannonier. Nick Roehrick has a chin. Wow. Roehrick presses forward but misses with a right hand. Jared charges in and lands a right hand. They fighters engage in some dirty boxing and Nick connects with a right hook. They break and Jared just avoids an body kick. Nick paws with his jab. Jared replies with a left hand. Roehrick connects with a left hook of his own. They’re going back and forth now. Jared misses with a right hand and Nick presses him up against the fence. Both men connects with jabs to end round one.

Round two begins and Jared lands a hard low kick to start things off. Cannonier with a stiff jab and then another low kick. Nick misses with a punch and Jared tags him with another low kick. Big shots from Jared now. He backs Nick against he fence and lands a right. Nick circles out and scores with a jab. Jared continues to press forward and lands a jab. Nick fires back with a right and then a left. Jared with a big shot. He presses Roehrick against the cage and pushes him to the floor. Big shots from Cannonier here. This one could be over soon. Nick gets back up and moves away from the action. He regroups and then comes forward with punches. This kid is tough. Cannonier with a jab. Nick comes forward and lands a right hand. He follows that up with a left. Jared responds with a jab and then a low kick to close out the round.

Round three begins and Cannonier lands a left jab to start. Roehrick responds with a left hand to the body and then a kick to the liver. Jared circles and lands a right. Nick replies with a left jab. Cannonier connects with a hard front kick to the face. Nick is hurt. He stays up but Cannonier is all over him. Jared takes him to the floor and begins landing some brutal blows. A couple of hard elbows and the referee has seen enough. TKO win for Jared.

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