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TUF 25 Finale Results: Drakkar Klose defeats Marc Diakiese (Highlights)

TUF 25 Finale Results: Marc Diakiese vs. Drakkar Klose

A lightweight scrap between Marc Diakiese and Drakkar Klose took place on tonight’s TUF 25 Finale main card in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Klose lands two hard leg kicks to start. Diakiese misses with a spinning kick and Klose lands another hard low kick. Drakkar shoots in and scores with a takedown. Marc quickly stands back up though. Klose still has Diakiese pressed against the cage. He works some knees and then some foot stomps. Diakiese sweeps Klose and takes him to the floor. Marc is working some body shots from half guard now. Klose scrambles and gets back to his feet. Marc takes him back down almost instantly. Klose scrambles back up but Diakiese is on his back. Another wild scramble and both men are back on their feet. Marc has Drakkar pressed against the cage here. Klose switches the position and looks for a single leg takedown. It is not there. More foot stomps from Drakkar. Marc breaks free and partially lands a spinning kick. Klose with a huge low kick that drops Marc. Drakkar jumps into Diakiese’s guard and begins raining down strikes. He is working from half guard now. Marc attempts a heel hook and uses the submission attempt to regain top position. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Diakiese charges forward with punches but fails to connect. Klose misses with a low kick but then presses Marc back against the cage. He lands a short right hand and then a knee to the body. Marc returns fire with a knee of his own. More knees from Klose now. The fighters break and Klose lands a low kick. Diakiese attempts a spinning kick but misses it and ends up being taken down. Klose stands up and allows Marc to do the same. Diakiese with a left hand. Klose comes forward with a right hand and then just misses with a spinning back fist. The fighters clinch up and Diakiese lands a knee to the groin. The referee immediately steps in to allow Klose time to recover. He does and we restart. Klose lands a kick to the body. Marc charges forward and they clinch. A body kick lands for Klose. Marc with a flying knee that partially lands. Both men land left hands now. Klose with another good low kick that trips up Diakiese. Marc is able to stand back up but then is dropped by another low kick from Klose. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Drakkar lands a left followed by a low kick. Marc replies with a kick of his own. Once again Klose lands a low kick. Marc replies with a jumping switch kick that lands flush. Klose appears to be ok and shoots in for a takedown. It is not there. Marc breaks free and lands a kick to the body. Klose shoots in and scores a takedown. Marc is able to reverse the position and gets back up to his feet while taking Drakkar’s back. Klose is able to break free and then lands a low kick. Diakiese responds with a spinning kick but Klose just eats it and throws up his hands. Under a minute to go now. Klose shoots in for a takedown. He doesn’t get it. He lands a right hook. Marc comes forward with a knee. Another right hand from Klose and the horn sounds to end the fight.

Drakkar Klose defeats Marc Diakiese via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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