Trevin Giles expects Gabriel Bonfim to gas out at UFC 291 but says the Brazilian “isn’t skilled enough to beat me” anyways

By Cole Shelton - July 27, 2023

Trevin Giles is confident he will hand Gabriel Bonfim his first career loss.

Trevin Giles

Giles is on a two-fight win streak and is coming off a decision win over Preston Parsons back in March. After the fight, Giles said his elbow was a bit banged up so he needed to take a bit of time off.

“I think it’s a decent time. I had a few things that were kind of going on, most people don’t know but when I fought Parsons he actually got my right arm pretty good in that armbar, towards the end of the first round,” Trevin Giles said on Just Scrap Radio on “Second round, I came out and tried to throw it and my elbow was kind of jacked up. I jabbed the rest of the fight and had some damage done to my elbow so needed a little time off.”

Once he was ready to fight, Trevin Giles was offered to face Gabriel Bonfim at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City. Although Bonfim is undefeated in his career and 1-0 in the UFC, Giles admits he wasn’t too familiar with him.

Trevin Giles eyes stoppage win

“I haven’t been familiar. I’m not a huge mixed martial arts fan, to be honest. I don’t watch a whole bunch of fights, I enjoy doing it, I enjoy practicing it,” Giles said. “But, a lot of the guys who are up and coming, if it isn’t people who aren’t established, I don’t know them. It’s no disrespect to them, I don’t pay much attention until their name is on the contract.”

Although Trevin Giles didn’t know too much about Gabriel Bonfim, he did get familiar through tape study. Giles is impressed with Bonfim’s game but believes the Brazilian will gas out which will lead to a stoppage win.

“I feel like he is going to come out aggressive. To be honest, I don’t know if I will take my time or not. It’s going to depend. If he shows me an opening and I can capitalize, I’m going to take it,” Giles said. “He can start fast, I can also start fast. I just see me winning, I see me getting the win. I’m never positive about how I win, I always used to rush wanting a finish, now it’s more about being skilled and being technical and doing what’s necessary.

“If he makes mistakes and I can get a finish, I’ll take it. If I can’t finish, I have faith I can win on the cards, I’m 100 percent on decisions, so I know I have the gas tank to go the distance,” Trevin Giles continued. “So, I can win in any way and anywhere he wants to bring the fight. He’s not going to bully me. More than likely he will get tired, we are fighting at elevation and he will try and fight fast and I think that will be a poor gameplan. But, on the other hand, he isn’t skilled enough to beat me if he’s taking his time. It’s a tough fight for him.”

If Giles does get the win on Saturday, he isn’t sure what is next but hopes for a ranked opponent.

“I hope they give me a ranked fight or someone with a name. But, I don’t know, we will see,” Giles concluded.

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