VIDEO | Cleveland Fan Snuffs Chicago Fan in Post World Series Street Fight

By Tom Taylor - November 4, 2016

On Wednesday night, The Chicago Cubs put an end to one of the longest championship droughts in professional sports –  108 years, to be exact – with a defeat of the Cleveland Indians. The long struggling team overcame a deficit of three games to clinch the series in game 7 with an 8–7 win in extra innings. This incredible comeback marked just the sixth time in World Series history that a team bounced back from a three-game shortfall to win the championship.

Unsurprisingly, this win drove Cubs fans into a frenzy of excitement and celebration. It was a night most of them will never forget. One unlucky fan, however, will remember the night for less desirable reasons, as he was knocked stiff by a surly Cleveland fan in the fallout of the game.

This grim twist occured on the streets of Cleveland, as the city’s Progressive Arena hemorrhaged disappointed fans. Somewhere in the chaos, a Cleveland and Chicago fan crossed paths, and decided they didn’t like each other. Having decided this, the pair squared up with fire in their eyes and gallons of alcohol undoubtedly surging through their veins. Seconds later, the Cleveland fan let loose a rocket-fuelled right hand that left his adversary face-down on the pavement beside the tire of a parked pickup truck, as calls of “World Star” filled the air.

You can watch this unfortunate event at the top of this post. It’s not known whether this unlucky Chicago fan escaped Cleveland in good health, though we certainly hope he did.

Here at, we believe that violence should be reserved to the confines of a cage or ring, under the watchful eye of state athletic commissions. So please, try to keep a level head out there, fight fans.

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