Stephen Thompson explains major key to winning rematch with Tyron Woodley

Stephen Thompson discusses Tyron Woodley

In the co-main event of UFC 205 earlier this month, UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley, and top ranked welterweight contender Stephen Thompson squared off in a highly anticipated welterweight showdown.

The fight was extremely back and forth, and ultimately resulted in Woodley retaining the welterweight championship after the fight was scored a majority draw. Following the fight, UFC President Dana White stated that the logical next step would be for the two men to have a rematch given the fact that the fight was scored a draw.

Woodley Thompson

While there has been no word on when the rematch will take place just yet, Thompson joined Submission Radio to explain what he believes will be a major key in the rematch:

“Honestly, one of the biggest things was coming in a little bit heavier [for the next fight],” said Woodley. “I was walking around 182 about two weeks before the fight. When I stepped in the octagon, I was weighing about 178, which is way too light, especially when you’re fighting somebody like Tyron Woodley who’s probably stepping back in there at 195 or 200. So we’re going to be walking at around about a heavier weight, 195, staying around there. That way, you see a bigger, stronger Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson.”

“In the first round I threw a lazy kick to the leg, just to see how he would react to it, to see if he would drop his front hand down. Of course, the next kick would’ve been to the head, but when I threw that lazy kick it just so happens that he ended up catching the dang kick and ended up taking me down. But he felt really strong in the clinch position, on top. So it was very difficult for me to get back up. You know, I’ve got guys in the gym who fight at 185, 205, and Tyron felt just way stronger than those guys. So just me walking around at a heavier weight is definitely help me out in those situations.”

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While Woodley has stated that after re-watching the fight, he doesn’t feel obligated to give Thompson a rematch, all signs point to the pair stepping into the Octagon once again sooner rather than later.

When the rematch does happen, who do you expect to walk away with the win?