UFC 205 Results: Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson fight to a draw (highlights)

By Chris Taylor - November 12, 2016

The welterweight title was on the line in the co-main event of tonight’s UFC 205 fight card in New York as champion Tyron Woodley (16-3-1) took on top contender Stephen Thompson (13-1-1).

Stephen Thompson vs. Tyron Woodley

Round one begins and Thompson misses with a leg kick to start. He takes the center of the octagon. Woodley is circling trying to find a way inside. Thompson with a wheel kick. It misses. Stephen throws a high kick that is blocked. ‘Wonderboy’ is utilizing some forward pressure. He lands a leg kick but Tyron catches it and grabs the takedown. Woodley immediately moves to half guard. Two minutes remain in the round. Thompson is looking to stand up but Woodley flattens him back out. Big shots to the body from T-Wood. He drops a couple of big elbows. More body shots from Woodley. One minute remains. ‘Wonderboy’ is able to position back to full guard. Woodley stands up and lands some big shots. First to the body and then to the head. Thompson is busted open. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Thompson quickly takes the center of the octagon. He begins walking down Woodley. Tyron with a kick. Thompson replies with one of his own. Thompson with a combination but Woodley ducks under and grabs a hold of him. ‘Wonderboy’ switches the position but Woodley shrugs him off and presses him back on the fence. The fighters exchange body shots. Thompson with a knee inside. T-Wood still has him presses up against the fence. Thompson breaks free. He lands a jab. Woodley returns fire. Thompson lands a spinning back kick to the body. Stephen with a nice jab. He is pressing the action here. He lands a nice combination but Woodley slides away. Another nice combo from Thompson. Woodley retreats. Thompson moves forward. He lands a straight left. He has found his range. Woodley charges forward but misses with a right. He charges forward again but Thompson catches him with a right hand. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Woodley takes the center of the octagon this time. Thompson misses with a high kick. Woodley charges forward and lands a left. He charges forward again but gets countered with a right. He absorbs it and circles away. Thompson walks him down and lands a left. He is providing all the pressure now. He paws with a jab. Thompson with a leg kick. Woodley fires back with one of his own but Thompson counters and then lands a 1-2. Stephen is walking him down now. Woodley with a jab but Thompson answers with a leg kick. ‘Wonderboy’ just misses with a wheel kick. Woodley fires a jab. He misses and gets countered. Woodley with the pressure now. He lands a brutal body kick. He charges forward but eats a left. Thompson with the pressure now. He lands a leg kick. The fighters exchange in the pocket to end round three.

Round four begins and Tyron lands a jab to the body to start. He is applying some pressure to start. Thompson with a heavy leg kick. He goes to the body with a jab. Woodley looks happy to stand up. A nice right and then a left from Thompson. Woodley presses forward and lands a huge right that drops Thompson. Stephen gets back up but Woodley sits him down with another right. Woodley with some big shots from the top. Thompson gets back to his feet. Woodley locks in a guillotine. Thompson is able to fight it off. This is unreal. Woodley gets it again. This submission is deep. Thompson is somehow surviving. He begins landing some body shots as the crowd cheers. Thompson gets loose and begins working from the top. This is incredible. The heart of Thompson is unreal. He is landing from the top now. Big rights from Thompson. Round four comes to an end.

Round five begins and Thompson throws a high kick that is blocked. He throws another. Woodley looks tired. ‘Wonderboy’ with a combination. Thompson with a right and then a high kick that is blocked. Woodley has yet to throw. Another right from Thompson. Woodley with a leg kick. Thompson goes back upstairs with a kick. He follows up with a right hand that misses. He lands a jab. Thompson with a nice combo. He lands a jab to the body. A big leg kick from Thompson and then another. ‘Wonderboy’ with a jab to the body. Woodley charges forward and misses with a right. He eats a jab for his troubles. Thompson lands a nice counter left. Woodley rushes in with a combo. The final shot lands. Thompson fires back with a right. He has Woodley back against the fence and lands a right. Round five comes to an end.


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