Robbie Lawler not concerned with potential Georges St-Pierre return

Ahead of UFC 201 on Saturday, where Robbie Lawler will look to once again defend his welterweight star against Tyron Woodley, the talk of a potential Georges St-Pierre return to MMA can’t be ignored.

With the list of welterweight title contenders being a rather lengthy one, Georges St-Pierre returning to the UFC would likely mean that Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson would be forced to wait on the title shot he was promised.

In addition, Carlos Condit’s upcoming ‘UFC Vancouver’ fight with Demian Maia could see another welterweight title contender emerge.

Lawler spoke to MMAJunkie to discuss why he doesn’t care about GSP’s potential return:

“You want me to look at all the scenarios and figure it out and see ‘what ifs’ and worry about stuff that might not happen? It’s kind of silly, right? I just worry about one day at a time. Whatever the put in front of you is what they put in front of you and you go to work.”

“Right now I’m going to treat him (Tyron Woodley) like he is [the best possible opponent],” Lawler said. “I’m going to treat him like he’s the best guy I ever fought and that’s my mindset. I feel like he’s going to be the best he’s ever been so that’s what I’m preparing for. I’m preparing for someone who is going to push to do great things, so I’m going to push myself to do amazing things.”