Robbie Lawler doesn’t want to be mentioned with Conor McGregor

Robbie Lawler, UFC on FOx 26

Prior to UFC 196, where Conor McGregor went up to welterweight to fight Nate Diaz, there was talk of McGregor potentially challenging welterweight kingpin Robbie Lawler for the welterweight championship if he defeated Diaz. Diaz ultimately won the fight, despite stepping in on just 2 weeks notice, putting an end to the talk of a McGregor-Lawler fight.

During an interview following UFC 196, Lawler was asked about how a fight with McGregor would go. Lawler responded by saying that McGregor was lucky he lost to Diaz because if he fought Lawler, he wouldn’t take McGregor’s neck with a submission like Diaz did, but instead would “take his soul”.

Now, during an appearance on UFC Tonight ahead of UFC 202, where Lawler will look to defend his title against Tyron Woodley, Lawler explained why he doesn’t like being mentioned alongside McGregor:

“He asked me a question, and I was just like ‘why are you bringing this guy’s name up?’ It kind of irritated me so I just told him what I thought about the situation, and his last fight, and I don’t think he should be mentioned with me because I’m not like everybody else, I’m a little different.”