Rick Glenn Dominated Glenn Tucker So Bad Dana White’s Angry at the Ref

By Justin Golightly - September 9, 2017

Rick Glenn got an overwhelming chorus of boos at UFC 215 and it must have charged him up. He ran at Gavin Tucker like a man possessed in the very beginning of the first round and nearly got the low-percentage standing choke. Tucker caught on to Glenn’s wild moveset of spinning backfists and jerky movements, resulting in him tying him up with clinch and staying close peppering with shots.

Rick Gelnn Gavin Tucker


Maybe all that grappling ended up making Tucker “tucker’ out, or it could have been Glenn’s body work, but Rick Glenn started taking over and causing damage. He kept clinching and using a lot of energy, until he’d back off into the striking danger zone. Before the second round was over, Tucker looked exhausted and Glenn was dominating him completely after his failed leg lock attempt.


The final round featured one more failed leg lock attempt and Gavin Tucker getting warned by the ref that the fight will be stopped. Yes, that’s how much punishment Rick Glenn has been dealing out. It was a constant. two-round barrage of pressure and punching. …And more punching. And even more punching. Somehow, Tucker was never finished and the ref didn’t stop the fight. Rick Glen wins by a dominant decision.

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 9/9/2017.


This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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