VIDEO | Rampage Jackson annoyed by the 50 Cent call out, “even my family asked me, ‘are you fightin’ 50?'”

By Drake Riggs - May 23, 2018

Ramage Jackson

“I don’t know [why 50 Cent thinks he can take me], man. 50 be drinking too much of that champagne he’s got. I think he’s just talkin’. Who actually thinks that 50 is tryin’ to fight? I just don’t feel like 50’s trying to step in no cage with me.

I just wake up one day with a bunch of people tagging me on some post that he made. All of my friends were texting me and shit. Shit’s annoying as fuck. Everybody blowin’ up my phone and tagging me and shit. Even my family asked me, ‘are you fightin’ 50?’. He ain’t no fighter. Stay in his lane.

I’m a fighter, I ain’t no bully or nothing. I don’t got nothing to say to 50. I ain’t tryin’ to come out with no rap albums.”

All it took was one picture. One picture posted by rap artist, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson that stirred up the MMA world.

Prior to that, 50 Cent posted a picture of an apparent meeting between himself and Bellator president, Scott Coker where Coker was seen signing some papers. Since then, the rapper has appeared very interested in MMA and has gone as far as calling out Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, taking a shot at Chael Sonnen and attending Bellator 199.

As of right now, 50 Cent is just another celebrity who likes MMA. But oddly enough, Coker has gone on to say that he doesn’t think that 50 Cent will be fighting anyone anytime soon if ever…but believes he could fight if he really wanted to. Bellator 200 is this Friday and is expected to make a ‘huge announcement’ as they usually do at their bigger events. 50 Cent is also expected to be attending.

Even if the bizarro world that we’ve been getting in MMA in 2018 continues to go down this type of road, it’s very highly that Rampage and 50 Cent could ever possibly be seen in a cage across from each other.


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