VIDEO | Georges St-Pierre jokingly admits to poisoning Nick Diaz

“I gotta confess… I was so scared of fighting Nick Diaz so we poisoned his IV. But he survived so I was even more terrified. All the athletic commission was on my payroll so they tricked the weigh in and I made it. And I went through so I was even more terrified. So the alien abducted me, they put the gamma ray to increase my strength like the Hulk. Like performance enhancing drug…and, the fight was still happening! So right before, I put some glass and cement in my gloves to make sure…and still had a crazy hard fight!”

MMA legend, Georges St-Pierre has always had a good sense of humor. And he’s shown it in the past when being accused of cheating in his rematch with BJ Penn.

After the recent rumors of GSP potentially looking to be booked to face Nate Diaz at UFC 227, Nate and his brother Nick, a former opponent of GSP’s, have claimed that the former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion cheated in numerous ways prior to their fight at UFC 158 in 2013.

The Diaz’ claimed that St-Pierre had missed weight, ‘poisoned’ Nick’s IV bag, used steroids and did something to mess with his hand wraps. These are all accusations from the Diaz brothers that have no proof of being true and it isn’t the first time that they’ve accused past or future opponents of cheating in one way or another.

St-Pierre defeated Nick by unanimous decision in their 2013 clash after years of build-up while each reigned as champions in their respective organizations of the UFC and Strikeforce.

When Diaz returned to the UFC after a five-year absence, he would defeat the previously mentioned Penn before losing an interim title bout to Carlos Condit and then be rewarded with his title shot against St-Pierre.


This article first appeared on on 5/23/2018.

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