Patricio Freire thinks Michael Chandler turned into a “b*tch” after signing UFC deal, feels Conor McGregor could KO him

By Fernando Quiles - February 8, 2024

Bellator featherweight champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire believes Michael Chandler has gone soft since joining the UFC roster.

Michael Chandler

It’s no secret that former three-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler has been biding his time for a lucrative matchup against Conor McGregor. The “Notorious” one has expressed frustration with the UFC over what he believes to be stalling on the promotion’s end. UFC CEO Dana White is hoping to have the fight booked for the fall of 2024.

“Pitbull” Freire believes that “Iron” Michael Chandler’s only chance to defeat McGregor is if he stops being a “b*tch.”


Patricio Freire Discusses How Michael Chandler vs. Conor McGregor Could Play Out

During an interview with Drake Riggs of, Patricio Freire said that he hasn’t seen the Michael Chandler of old from the Bellator days as of late. He thinks that may be his downfall in a scrap with Conor McGregor.

“I think it’s gonna happen,” Pitbull told MMA Mania. “They’ve been talking about it, maybe UFC 300, the main event and all that. Conor McGregor does what he wants. Sometimes it looks like he calls the shots in the UFC so I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens. We’ll have to wait and see.

“If the fight ever happens, I think that it all depends if Michael Chandler that fought in Bellator, that wanted to win and be the best [shows up], he’s gonna take Conor down and smash him,” he continued. “He’ll win the fight. If it’s the b—ch that went to the UFC and just wants to show up and entertain and make some cash, he’s going to get knocked out because he’s gonna try to strike with Conor. He doesn’t have the chin to take a shot anymore.”

Here’s the full video interview:

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