UFC Liverpool Results: Neil Magny TKO’s Craig White (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - May 27, 2018

A welterweight fight between Neil Magny and Craig White served as the co-main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 130 card in Liverpool, England.

Neil Magny

Neil Magny was initially slated to fight Gunnar Nelson at today’s event, however “Gunni” suffered a knee injury and was forced off the card.

Round one begins and Craig White immediately pushes forward and presses Magny against the cage. White with some knees to the body while Neil is pressed against the cage. Craig is looking for a trip now. Magny avoids and then switches the position. Magny with a knee to the body. White switches the position but it is short lived. Magny gets double under hooks and begins searching for a takedown. He throws a knee from the position but it lands low. White is given time to recover. We restart and Craig once again pushes forward and presses Magny against the cage. Neil switches the position and lands a nice knee. Magny gets a trip takedown and winds up in full mount. White immediately scrambles back to half guard. Magny postures up and lands a kick to the legs of his downed opponent. The referee steps in and tells White to stand up. He does and then rushes forward and presses Neil back up against the cage. Magny reverses the position and lands a knee to the chin of White. Craig hits the canvas and Neil begins dropping down ground and pound. This one is all over! Wow! Great work from Neil Magny!

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