Neil Magny Voices Disappointment in Attempts to Organize UFC Fighters

Neil Magny

In just a couple of days, Neil Magny welcomes Rafael dos Anjos into the welterweight division at UFC 215. However, it’s in-fighting between other UFC fighters that is also on his mind. He’s tried to convince his fellow UFC fighters to form an unofficial organization of support, but unfortunately it hasn’t prospered as much as he’d like. The culprit according to Magny, is that most fighters are always stepping on each other for their own shots.

“It’s not going so well at all, actually. It’s pretty sad that, like, the fighters’ biggest downfall is the other fighters. I know that people are like, trying to turn it into saying ‘it should be us against the business,’ but in the reality of the business, it’s just, fighters are looking out for themselves and are screwing over all the other fighters.”

“I’ve been trying to stay true to my word and support every person I can. I followed over 100 other UFC fighters and [if anyone has] an appearance coming up or a seminar coming up, I’ll share it, I’ll retweet it, as soon as possible. Some guys are catching on and doing it was well, but some of them are like ‘ehh, whatever, I’m done.’” – Neil Magny to MMA Fighting.

Regardless of your opinion on Neil Magny’s criticisms, you can’t call him a liar as far as staying true to his word. One quick scroll down his Twitter page and you’ll see tons of retweets and shares of other MMA fighters and Magny giving his support. It’s something he never got to broadcast to his peers back at the UFC fighter’s retreat in Vegas. He has since submitted his prepared statement that he intended to present at the retreat to MMA Fighting and it can be read in full below.

Neil Magny will fight RDA this weekend at UFC 215 on Saturday. If he can get the win, it will be the second former world champion he has beaten in a row.

Neil Magny

This article first appeared on on 9/7/2017.

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