Nate Diaz reveals thoughts on his next fight following the big win over Conor McGregor

By Russell Ess - March 15, 2016

Nate Diaz is coming off the biggest win of his career after beating UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor in a non-title welterweight bout at UFC 196.

Nate Diaz

Diaz feels he has earned every bit of the biggest payday of his career in the fight with McGregor and is looking for more fights of that caliber.

“I made a good amount of money,” Diaz said to “I think they’re overexaggerating how much — I don’t feel like anybody did me any favors, I’ll tell you that much — but I made a good chunk of change and I’m grateful. I’ve been demanding that.

“I was screwed for a long time. My problem was I was a soldier for a long time. I never even considered money, it was more about not getting my ass whooped. Once I thought about it for two minutes, I realized I was getting f—ed. It was stupid not to pay attention to that the whole time. If I had been thinking business since I was 21, I’d be a rich man right now.”

Diaz went on to talk about what fight interests him after coming off the big win over McGregor.

“I’m thinking probably the lightweight title fight, whatever is biggest,” Diaz said. “The biggest thing with Lawler and GSP — I would have been all about those fights and I am, but at the same time, my brother [Nick] is coming back and those are his fights. Those are Nick Diaz fights. I’m not trying to step on his shoes. We’ll see how things play out. As far as rematches go, I lost close decisions and never got a rematch.

“I’m not asking for anything. I’m demanding more than everybody. I want more than everybody, straight up. Money talks. I want the biggest fight. Whoever I’ve got to fight — the biggest show, biggest payday — that’s what I want.”

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Nate Diaz