Nate Diaz is more pissed off now after beating Conor McGregor?

By Russell Ess - March 15, 2016

UFC veteran Nate Diaz just won the biggest fight of his career at UFC 196. Diaz submitted UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor in the second round and made out with the biggest payday of his career.

Flipping the bird

You would expect Diaz to be riding on top of the world with finding so much success this month. However, things aren’t all so joyful for the Stockton, California native.

“I feel like, honest, I feel like the UFC wants to weed me the f— out of this position,” Diaz told “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. Sorry. I feel like a lot of people are coming at me now. I see them making a lot of excuses for him, and I think it’s kind of ridiculous.

“I don’t think it’s just the UFC. It’s everybody. People are saying, ‘Oh, [McGregor] is great, he’s accepted the loss so well.’ If I would have lost, people would be saying, ‘piece of s— shouldn’t have accepted the fight.’ I don’t mean to be bitter, but there are a lot of excuses being made for this guy. He’s talking about winning the first round. There are five rounds in a fight. Who gives a s— if you won a round? You lost.”

Do you think that people are giving Conor McGregor too much credit for losing and not giving Diaz enough credit for his win?

Share your thoughts in the comment section on the aftermath of UFC 196 and if Nate Diaz is getting a fair shake after beating one of the biggest stars in the UFC.

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