MMA veteran Rafael Freitas jailed following accusations of drugging and raping a client

By Harry Kettle - December 7, 2020

Former UFC cornerman Rafael Freitas has been jailed following accusations of drugging and raping a client.

Rafael Fritas

Freitas, 37, was charged with criminal sexual penetration relating to an incident on November 7. The female client was able to capture the assault on a security camera placed in her living room, Albuquerque Journal reports.

Freitas had been listed as an instructor at Jackson Wink MMA but James Hallinan, a spokesperson for Jackson Wink, had the following to say on the matter.

“All I’ve been told is he is not an employee of Jackson Wink Academy and he never has been,” he said. “If the website hasn’t been updated, it’s in the process right now.”

The initial report from the Albuquerque journal detailed the graphic incident as follows:

“On Nov. 17, a woman reported the rape to a detective and said it happened at her home during a Nov. 7 session with the trainer. She said she had been taking lessons from Freitas for several years and on that day was having him massage her legs due to recent cramping.

The woman said that Freitas is flirtatious with her and several other women he trains, that she ‘at times found his behavior inappropriate’ and that there was never any romantic relationship between the two.

The woman told police she drank half a glass of wine and then ate breakfast and drank orange juice with Freitas before the session. She said she went to the bathroom and came out to find Freitas had prepared her a second glass of orange juice.

The woman told police she added a shot of whiskey and ginger ale to the drink and about 30 minutes later began ‘feeling sleepy’ as Freitas massaged her legs. She said that she ‘quickly passed out’ and awoke hours later, naked from the waist down, and that Freitas was gone.”

Stay tuned for further information on the accusations against Rafael Freitas as new details emerge.