Daniel Cormier doesn’t hold back on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson: “It absolutely sucks”

By Josh Evanoff - March 15, 2024

UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier isn’t happy with Mike Tyson’s boxing return against Jake Paul.

Jake Paul, Daniel Cormier

Earlier this month, ‘Iron Mike’ and ‘The Problem Child’ announced plans to compete in a boxing match this summer. The two stars will compete in a Netflix-produced event, in what will likely be Mike Tyson’s first real boxing match since 2005. However, depending on what the Texas State Athletic Commission says, the bout with Jake Paul may go down as an exhibition.

Still, fan opinion on the fight announcement has largely been mixed. Many online immediately blasted Jake Paul for accepting the bout offer, given Mike Tyson’s age. The boxing legend is currently 57 years old and has been seen walking with a cane in the last few years on occasion.  It’s that age gap that frustrates Daniel Cormier.

On his ‘Good Guy, Bad Guy Podcast‘ alongside Chael Sonnen, Daniel Cormier reacted to Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson. There, the UFC Hall of Famer largely slammed ‘The Problem Child’ for making the fight. As ‘DC’ notes during the discussion, he’s not a young man by any means. Yet, Tyson is nearly two decades older than him.

With that in mind, Daniel Cormier didn’t hold back on the boxing match. In the eyes of the retired fighter, Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson “absolutely sucks”.


Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier reacts to Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson boxing match

“You know Chael, it absolutely sucks.” Daniel Cormier stated on his ‘Good Guy, Bad Guy Podcast’ alongside Chael Sonnen, reacting to the announcement of Jake Paul’s boxing match with Mike Tyson. “It absolutely sucks because while I love ‘Iron Mike’, while I want Mike to make as much money as he possibly can, [these] videos right here are three to four years old [of Tyson training]. Mike is a different person now. I saw Mike walk into the UFC last year with a walking stick, I mean, I don’t know how they pull this off.”

He continued, “Now, will they let Mike just hit him? If they let Mike just go all out on this dude, and Mike just tries to get him out of there in a few minutes, maybe it works? But I don’t know that they risk it with Mike trying to go at Jake Paul in that way. I think it absolutely sucks.”

“I think Mike Tyson’s fighting days are over. He will be 58 years old by the time he steps into the ring with Jake Paul.” Daniel Cormier concluded. “To me, it absolutely sucks.”

Do you agree with UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier? Will you watch Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson? Who do you have winning in that heavyweight boxing match?

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