Mike Perry warns Kamaru Usman to watch out for Colby Covington’s distracting smooches

By Natasha Hooper - December 9, 2019

Mike Perry hasn’t been holding back recently, and that includes vocalizing his particular disdain for UFC wrestlers. “Platinum” first called out “bum” Ben Askren this week, and now he mocks Colby Covington for “smooching” his opponents.

Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, Ben Askren

The welterweight sent words of warning to Kamaru Usman, the division’s current champion. Usman is scheduled to defend his title for the first time against Colby Covington in the main event of UFC 245. However, Perry believes Covington will be delivering a smooch-fest rather than a punch-fest in the welterweight headliner. He took to Instagram and said:

“Watch out for these distracting smooches @usman84kg ! @colbycovmma is going to try to cause bruises to entice the judges by sucking on your neck and kissing you with his #1 herpes attack!

#SaveTheHickeysForTheChickeys #HeBitesNipplesToo #GrabsMenRightByThePenis #PoolNoodlePunches #RidesMenGood #GiveCreditWhereCreditIsDue.”


Covington, the collegiate wrestler, uses the clinch and his wrestling abilities to maintain constant pressure on his opponents and deliver punishment up against the cage.

Due to the suffocating (but nevertheless intimate) pressure that some wrestlers use to execute a victory, homosexual trash-talking tactics are often used to get under the skin of the wrestlers. Jorge Masvidal insulted Ben Askren’s “face in the crotch” fighting in the lead up to their UFC 239 bout, he said (transcript via MMA Fighting):

“Besides putting his face in somebody’s crotch, another man’s crotch, I don’t know what else he f*cking does.”

However, Kamaru Usman is also an elite wrestler, having been crowned the NCAA Division II national champion in 2010. Unlike Covington’s last fight against Robbie Lawler where ‘Chaos’ dominated the former welterweight champ, Kamaru may be able to successfully challenge and counteract Covington’s constant pressure. On paper, the wrestling skillset of both fighters presents them on a level- but world-class -playing field. However, it is clear which fighter Mike Perry favours.

Whilst smooches may be off the table for Usman, invading Covington’s personal space certainly isn’t. Either way, UFC 245’s main event promises to be an entertaining showdown. Stay tuned on BJPenn.com for all UFC 245 updates.

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