VIDEO | Mickey Gall on Sage Northcutt: “I’m Gonna Break His Bones.”

By Tom Taylor - October 11, 2016

Mickey Gall

Last month, on the main card of UFC 203, Mickey Gall did as just about everyone expected and spoiled the MMA debut of CM Punk. He did so in an utterly dominant display, capped off by a rear-naked choke.

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Gall demonstrated his PR savvy by calling out another fighter, setting himself up for another high-profile showdown. That fighter was Sage Northcutt, who quickly accepted the callout.

The two prospects, who were both discovered on Dana White’s Lookin’ for a Fight, will meet on December 17 in Sacramento, California.

In advance of this compelling showdown, Gall spoke with TMZ, and offered up his thoughts on Northcutt, and how the fight will go.

“I don’t dislike him,” Gall said of his upcoming opponent. “I think he’s very corny. I think he’s like a silly boy. I don’t know, I think he’s kind of a dork but I don’t hate him at all. I love him. I can’t wait to fight him, can’t wait to get my hands on him.”

Mickey Gall

Gall also explained to TMZ that he’s expecting to score an emphatic and violent win.

“I’m gonna do a lot to him,” the 24-year-old said. “I don’t see this one being one round. I see this being longer than that, and I’m gonna break his bones. I’m gonna hurt him bad. I’m gonna bust him up, break his bones, tear things. I’m gonna put a beating on him. His boxing sucks, his ground game is pretty bad, so there’s holes on both sides. I know how I’m gonna fight him. It’s gonna be bad for him. He’s gonna feel like crap.”

Finally, Gall touched on a recent challenge that he issued to Northcutt, suggesting that the loser of the bout should shave their head. Apparently, Northcutt has not yet responded to this wager.

“I put it out there,” he said. “I didn’t hear anything from him, but hey, if I lose I’ll cut my hair, but I ain’t losing. You can see a bald blond boy.”

Do you think Gall is right to be confident leading into this fight, or is he in for a rude awakening against his more experienced foe? Sound off, PENN nation!


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