Sage Northcutt on Mickey Gall: I’m Thinking he Should Maybe Get Some Hair Gel

By Tom Taylor - September 19, 2016

20-year-old lightweight Sage Northcutt is known not only as an incredibly talented prospect, but also as an extremely polite young man.

Despite his manners, however, Northcutt frequently finds himself on the receiving end of trash talk and call-outs from his fellow fighters. The latest of the call-outs came from 24-year-old welterweight Mickey Gall, who demanded a fight with him after he spoiled the UFC debut of WWE star CM Punk. Apparently, Gall’s call-out worked, as a welterweight scrap between the prospects is now in the works.

Northcutt weighed in on this planned showdown on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

The main appeal of this fight, Northcutt told host Ariel Helwani, is that it’s at 170 pounds, as he’s recently had some difficulty with the cut to lightweight.

“I like the fact about 170 [pounds] for this fight because my previous fights, I’ve had a tough time making 155, I’ve been having tough weight cuts.”

After this fight, however, Northcutt assures he’ll take the time to master the cut to 155.

“After this fight [at 170], I’m going to go back and make sure I get [the cut to 155] down.”

As far as where and when this fight with Gall will occur, Northcutt says he’s not sure. In his perfect world, however, it’ll go down sometime in December – once he’s recovered from the staph infection that has hindered his recent training.

“There’s nothing officially confirmed yet, I know the UFC were talking about it, but hopefully December time. That’s what it looks like.”

Sage Northcutt

When asked for his thoughts on Gall as an opponent, the ever-courteous Northcutt was actually surprisingly blunt.

“Looking at that [CM Punk] fight –actually his two previous fights in the UFC – he fought two guys that came in to fight him, which I’ve actually never seen happen ever before,” Northcutt said.” [Two guys] that had an MMA record of nothing, they had no pro MMA record. I don’t think they even had an amateur MMA record, so they had no fights at all.”

“I think they were both close to 40 years old or something like that too,” Northcutt continued. “It’s almost like fighting someone’s Dad that’s trained very little for a fight. It was definitely interesting, if you think of it that way.”

Based on what he’s seen of Gall, Northcutt also feels he’s the superior man in every facet of the game.

“All I can say is that I believe I have better grappling than him, and I believe that I have better standup,” Northcutt said. “I can take the fight wherever I want. If I wanna go out there and stand up with him and knock him out, I believe I can do that. If I wanna take him down and submit him, I believe I can do that also.”

Finally, Northcutt also offered up his thoughts on the trash-talk Gall threw his way. The 20-year-old did not seem particularly perturbed by his upcoming foe’s verbal jabs.

“You know what’s funny, Mr. Helwani?” Northcutt said. “He was talking about my hair. He said he wanted to punch the spikes out of my hair, and looking at him, from the fights that I’ve seen and his pictures, his hair kind of looks like mine! He just doesn’t have the hair gel in it. I’m thinking he should maybe get some hair gel or style it or something.” 

That style tip is probably the closest thing to trash talk that we’ll ever hear Sage Northcutt. Who do you think will win the planned bout between Northcutt and Gall? Sound off, PENN nation!


Sage Northcutt