PHOTO | Mark Hunt shows true down-to-earth character recognizing fan from six years ago

By Russell Ess - April 18, 2016

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is gaining a lot of fans with his spectacular knockout finishes. Another reason Hunt is gaining a big following from fans is his humble and down-to-earth character.

Mark Hunt, UFC Auckland

Hunt conversed with a fan on his Facebook page after the fan mentioned that meeting him back in 2010 was an awesome experience.

The conversation read:

Scotty Ross: Meeting you back in Indiana was awesome man, keep up the good work!!

Mark Hunt: Hey Scotty did u and I share a cab that night I lost to mccorky

Scotty Ross: Yeah it was that night in Indianapolis, that was a great fight man. You’re such a humble guy man!

Mark Hunt: And we went around in the taxi and got declined from the club cause I was drunken ass lol I always wondered who it was I was in the car with lol Algud bruv hope u well my man I will add u

Scott McKenzie: I want to hear more of this story. Sounds awesome indeed.

Scotty Ross: Hahaha it was definitely good times man, those guys at the club were assholes anyways! I believe we both got super hammered.

Mark Hunt

“The Super Samoan” gives us just another reason to raise out glass!