Mark Hunt predicts incredible knockout against Brock Lesnar

Mark Hunt

In less than two weeks, Brock Lesnar will make his highly anticipated return to the Octagon against MMA legend Mark Hunt on the historic UFC 200 fight card.

The fight is a classic matchup of striker vs. wrestler as Lesnar will look to take the fight to the ground and get the win via ground & pound, while Hunt will look to stuff takedowns and pick up a signature walk-off KO.

Hunt spoke to Las Vegas Sun to discuss the fight:

“He’s a big name in the sport. There will be a lot more people watching because of Brock Lesnar so it will be a big day for me and the sport. In terms of people watching it will definitely be the biggest fight of my career.”

“The fight camp is going great. I’ve had no injuries and I’m really looking forward to the fight.”

“We are very opposite in our styles but I think all of the top-end fighters are well versed in everything now.”

“I envision myself punching him in the face and him flying out of the octagon.”

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