Dana White has nothing but praise for Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt has earned the reputation as one of the hardest hitting men in the history of the UFC. The ‘Super Samoan’ has gone 7-4 in his UFC career, and is currently on a 2-fight win streak that has seen him knock out both Bigfoot Silva and Frank Mir.

Ahead Hunt’s UFC 200 fight against former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, UFC President Dana White spoke about Hunt’s new UFC contract, and why he wants the veteran heavyweight to finish his career with the UFC.

He spoke to the HeraldSun:

“I love Mark Hunt. And I’ve told him that. When we were talking through his latest contract I said, ‘Mark I love yah and I want you to end your career with me. I want you to be here for the rest of your career’.”

“When you look at what he’s accomplished between our last deal and this one … no, age is not a factor with Mark Hunt.”

“He’s definitely a special individual when it comes to doing a deal. But I love the f … ing guy and was willing to do whatever it took.”

“I love his style, I love his toughness and I really love his f … ing walk off knockouts. I love everything about him.”

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