UFC 221 Results: Yoel Romero KO’s Luke Rockhold (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - February 10, 2018

UFC 221 Results: Luke Rockhold vs Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero

A middleweight tilt between Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero served as the main event of tonight’s UFC 221 pay-per-view event in Perth, Australia.

If Rockhold was able to defeat Romero, he would then become the UFC’s interim middleweight championship.

Romero was not eligible for the title after missing the championship weight of 185-pounds.

Round one begins and Rockhold starts things off with a hard low kick. He takes the center of the cage. Romero lands a jab to the body. Luke replies with another hard low kick. Rockhold presses forward with a combination. He lands a low kick. Romero circles along the fence. Rockhold with a left hand that finds a home on the face of Romero. Luke with another hard low kick that twists the body of Romero. Yoel leaps in with a left hand that misses the mark. That had bad intentions written all over it. Rockhold circles out and Romero follows closely. Both fighters exchange low kicks. Romero lands another. That was a heavy kick. Romero leaps in with a left hand over the top that lands. Rockhold shakes that off and moves to the center of the cage. Rockhold with a low kick and then another. Yoel Romoero attacks the lead leg of Rockhold with a heavy low kick. Luke fires right back with one of his own but Yoel checks it and presses forward. Luke fires off a left hand. Yoel replies with a right. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Romero charges forward and lands a right hand. Romero with a big left now. Yoel is unloading shots to the body. He goes back upstairs. Rockhold is in all sorts of trouble but Rockhold is able to circles out. Luke with a combination but Yoel catches both punches. That was impressive. Rockhold goes upstairs with a headkick attempt but it is blocked. Romero with a kick to the body of Rockhold. Luke replies with a kick of his own. Romero misses with a jab. He feints with a front elbow and then lands a big combination. Romero with a clubbing hammer fist to the leg. Interesting. Rockhold circles and then lands a nice low kick. Romero throws an uppercut that just comes up short. Rockhold with another nice low kick. Yoel with a double jab. Rockhold replies with a triple jab. The horn sounds to end the round.

Round three begins and Rockhold lands a double jab to start. He comes over the top with a right hand. Romero remains relaxed trying to find a way inside. He lands a left hand. Rockhold replies with a leg kicka nd then circles out. Romero pursues Rockhold and lands a huge left hand that floors Luke. He follows up with another shot and Rockhold is out cold.

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