UFC 205 Results: Yoel Romero KO’s Chris Weidman

By Chris Taylor - November 12, 2016

A key middleweight tilt between former champion Chris Weidman (13-2) and surging contender Yoel Romero (13-1) took place during tonight’s UFC 205 main card in New York.

Yoel Romero

Round one begins and Weidman starts things off with a leg kick. He presses forward with a front kick and the lands another low kick. Romero fakes a kick and Weidman miss with one of his own. Both fighters pawing with the jab. Weidman leans in right. He scores with a left jab. Weidman with the forward pressure here. Romero lands a nice kick to the body. Weidman shoots for a takedown and gets it. Yoel pops right back up. Weidman goes upstairs with a head kick that is partially blocked. Romero has his right hand cocked. Weidman with back to back kicks to the body. He misses with an axe kick but lands a low kick. And another. He is throwing a lot of volume here. Romero gets a hold of Weidman but it is short lived. Romero with a low kick. Chris shoots in and scores a takedown. Romero is able to get back up and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Weidman lands a nice kick to the body. He shoots in for a takedown but Yoel stuffs it. A nice leg kick scores for Weidman. Romero is hopping around trying to find his range. He misses with a left but lands a hard follow up leg kick. Weidman is using a lot of faints here. Chris with a nice jab and then a leg kick. Yoel misses with a right and lands a short uppercut. He follows that up with a left. Weidman with some solid low kicks in return. He lands a knee to the body but lands an eye poke with it. We stop action so Romero can recover. He is good and we restart. Romero with a hard kick to the body. Weidman shoots in for a takedown but the attempt is stuffed. What a trip takedown from Romero. He lands a big shot but Weidman is back up. Romero has his back however. Hard knees from Yoel. Weidman is trying to respond with elbows. Romero trips him to the floor. Weidman pops back up. Romero forces Weidman back down and lands some good ground and pound. He takes the back of Weidman and unloads some short shots.

Round three begins and Weidman lands a big kick to the body. Romero lands a flying knee and KO’s Weidman. He follows up with punches. It’s over.


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