Kevin Lee Says He’ll Go ‘Rampage’ on Ferguson Then Khabib at UFC 218

By Justin Golightly - August 31, 2017

Kevin Lee has quietly stacked up five straight wins, finishing four of those opponents. Fingers crossed that the card stays together, UFC 216 will push Lee into his highest profile bout yet. He’s going to headline the card against Tony Fergusonin a fight for the interim UFC lightweight title. Ferguson has already been vocal about what he’s going to do to Kevin Lee, mainly choke him until he slowly fades away into darkness. No kidding, he really said that. Of course, Lee disagreed and doubled down with the guys over at Submission Radio that he’s going to destroy Ferguson like a former Pride and UFC veteran, Quinton Jackson.

Kevin Lee

“I mean, [Tony Ferguson] tries to finish everybody with that weak-ass D’arce choke. I mean, apparently the man believes in it, but he ain’t never faced nobody like me. He’s never faced a wrestler like me. He’s never faced somebody with the movement that I’ve had, especially a weak-ass D’arce choke. And look, if he gonna go for that D’arce, I’m gonna pick him up over my head and I’m gonna Rampage his ass.”

“Ima’ f-ck Tony up. I might even show out on the man a little bit. You know, apparently the fans don’t really know my skills like that. They only see me fight [Michael] Chiesa, and the man got up out of there in one round. I didn’t even plan on taking Chiesa to the ground. So look, Ima’ f-ck Tony up. I didn’t even use my A-game verses Chiesa, so I might go out there, I might show off my A-game a little bit and not even try to put this man away.”

Kevin Lee Tony Ferguson

That’s big talk from Kevin Lee, but he wasn’t going to stop there. He wants to take out Tony Ferguson for the interim title and then fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. That’s right, not Conor McGregor, he wants to knock out the two top contenders back-to-back, then leave no doubts he’s only fight for McGregor. If Lee manages to get through Ferguson unscathed, which is a tall task, we hope they actually make that fight with Khabib. By then, it will have been a full year that Nurmagomedov has been out of competition.

“Tony [Ferguson’s] a dog, so I might take a little bit of damage. I’m already expecting that going into the fight, so we’ll see after. But I think my perfect scenario would be after I whoop up on Tony I take out Khabib too in December 2nd on the UFC Detroit card. They still don’t have a headliner for that bad boy. If I want on it, I’m on it. So, I kind of like that – take out both the number one contenders, both guys that will be favored over Conor [McGregor] and then we’ll really make some money next year.”

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