Two-time Judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison has received multiple MMA offers

Dana White

Two-time Olympic Judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison spoke with reporters on Friday and stated that she has received multiple offers to fight in mixed martial arts promotions.

The 26-year-old, who became the first American to win two gold medals in Judo at this years Rio Olympics, says she has no interest in joining the sport of MMA at this time.

Many fans and analysts presumed that Harrison would be interested in pursuing a career in MMA, this after 2008 Olympic judo bronze medalist Ronda Rousey found tremendous success in the sport.

Harrison spoke to ESPN about why the sport of MMA is just not appealing to her:

“It’s just so different from judo,” Harrison said, according to ESPN. “After a match in judo, you shake a person’s hand or you give them a hug. You bow to them to show respect. MMA isn’t like that. I don’t know if I’m cut out for a world where you get fights based on how pretty you are and how much you talk, not necessarily what you’ve done in the ring.”

Kayla acknowledged that MMA could give her a bigger platform to grow than judo, but she seemed happy to end her fighting career in Rio:

“This is my legacy,” Harrison said. “I retire as a two-time Olympic champ, one of the greatest the sport has ever seen.”

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