Both Ricardo Lamas and Jose Aldo Want Max Holloway at UFC 218 Instead

By Justin Golightly - November 8, 2017

The big story tonight is Frankie Edgar having to pull out of his fight with Max Holloway. It would have been the third time that Edgar would challenge for the UFC featherweight title, but now the gold has slipped away from his grasp once again. He’ll have to wait and heal up before his fight with Holloway can be re-booked, but until then there are plenty of people ready, willing and able to step in to challenge for that featherweight strap. Unfortunately, all of them already are booked for fights. Although, that doesn’t seem to matter.

Jose Aldo Ricardo Lamas

Of course, Jose Aldo was finally dethroned by Conor McGregor, had the title given back to him, only to be taken away and unified by Max Holloway. There was no “fluke” thirteen second knockout this time, Holloway dominated the former featherweight king. He and former challenger Ricardo Lamas are booked in a fight together for the co-main event of UFC Winnipeg, but both are willing to brush that under the rug for a title shot at UFC 218.

They aren’t the only ones, Cub Swanson is booked to fight Brian Ortega in the main event at UFC Fresno. However, the pull of championship gold combined with the possibility of avenging his loss to Max Holloway is much too great and the opportunity just too good. He wants to fight on UFC 218 as well. Max Holloway is sticking on the card, so who will be the lucky fighter to get the short-notice shot?

This article first appeared on on 11/8/2017.


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