BREAKING | Max Holloway Releases Statement on Frankie Edgar and UFC 218

Max Holloway returns at UFC 218

We were hit tonight with a speeding comet of bad news for UFC 218. Max Holloway was set to defend his unified UFC featherweight title for the first time after conquering former divisional king Jose Aldo, but Frankie Edgar suffered an injury to his face and had to pull out of the match-up. Don’t worry too much though, after everyone started worrying that UFC Detroit would lose it’s main even altogether, Max Holloway went to Twitter to declare he’s still going to fight no matter what.

“Injuries are part of this fight game. Frankie [Edgar]’s the man. I wish him a speedy recovery. Detroit, you guys are a bunch of tough motherf-ckers. I met many of you last month when we visited. You guys deserve the best fight card of the year and you’re still gonna’ get it. I’m fighting no matter what. Santa is still coming early to Detroit, so get ready. Malice in the palace part two if we have to. I’ll see you soon.” — Max Holloway from his official Twitter account

He and the UFC will have no shortage of opponents to choose from. Even though both are booked to fight each other, Ricardo Lamas and former champion Jose Aldo have said they want to step into Frankie Edgar’s place for their shot at featherweight gold. Cub Swanson is also booked against Brian Ortega for UFC Fresno’s main event, but he’s also up for switching it up for a chance to avenge his loss against Holloway and take his title.

Cub Swanson is currently the frontrunner, but the Ortega fight was going to be the last fight on his contract. He will want to look for a new deal to be made in order to step up and fight Max Holloway. It’s the perfect time to use a bargaining chip since UFC’s back is against the wall and they want to save the main event. The last time these two fought were 2015, Swanson is eager to prove things have changed.

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