Jorge Masvidal says Leon Edwards “just crossed a line” in altercation at UFC London: “I don’t have nothing personal”

By Susan Cox - June 9, 2023

Jorge Masvidal says Leon Edwards “just crossed a line” in their previous altercation at UFC London.

Jorge Masvidal

It was back in March of 2019, at UFC London that Masvidal (35-17 MMA) was giving an interview to Laura Sanko of UFC/ESPN, following his knockout victory over Darren Till (18-5 MMA) when Edwards interrupted the exchange.

The two fighters engaged in a war of words, followed by a short combination of punches.

Reflecting back on the incident, Jorge Masvidal sat down with Jake Paul on his ‘B.S.’ video podcast and discussed his encounter with Edwards:

“With me and Leon, it was never personal. He just crossed a line, like, bro, I’m doing an interview, you’re trying to punk me again. That’s not going to happen. He’s already talking wild and s**t on Twitter, but I don’t have nothing personal.”

Obviously, an irritation at the time, but seemingly Masvidal doesn’t hold a grudge against ‘Rocky’.

Colby Covington, on the other hand is a different story.

Masvidal and Covington (17-3 MMA), once close friends and teammates, had a falling out. The two finally met in the Octagon in March of 2022 at UFC 272, where the outcome was a unanimous decision victory for ‘Chaos’.

Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington, UFC 272

Jorge Masvidal suffers defeat to Colby Covington at UFC 272

Following the loss, Masvidal was also involved in an alleged assault on Covington outside a Miami steakhouse in Miami, resulting in several felony charges being layed.

Jorge Masvidal continued the interview, speaking about Covington, with Jake Paul saying:

“Colby’s just a different situation. That motherf***er, I just don’t like his ass.”

Continuing Masvidal elaborated (h/t MMAFighting):

“That dude and me will never be cool, just because he brought up my kids in numerous situations. He brought up things from my life, and that motherf***er lived on my couch for like eight months. He had like one or two pro fights, broke his hand, couldn’t f***ing afford rent or nothing.

“I was already 20 fights in the game. My f***ing apartment, you’re staying on my f***ing couch, and then to sell a pay-per-view, you’re talking s**t to me? That’s crazy, dog. You’re a b**ch. That shows the type of person you are, and the whole world knows it.”

Apparently money was also involved in the dispute with the fighter:

“On top of that, (Colby) ripped off my coach of the five percent that he owed him per fight when he finally made a check. Instead of paying out my coach, what did he do? Skipped out of town. F**k you twice motherf***er. That’s my coach.”

When asked about what would happen if he ran into Covington outside of the Octagon, Masvidal said:

“He’s a b**ch. If he were here right now, he’d run the f**k out.”

So there you have it, Masvidal can forgive and forget Edwards, but Covington will remain a sore spot in the now retired fighters’ history.

Would you like to see Jorge Masvidal unretire and settle his beef with Colby Covington in the cage?

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