Colby Covington says Jorge Masvidal will ‘get dumped on his head and knocked the f**k out’ when they fight

By Cole Shelton - November 22, 2021

Colby Covington has made it clear he wants to fight Jorge Masvidal and he has violent plans for his former teammate.

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“If he is willing to commit to anything, he’s going to get hurt. You know, his ribs are hurting, I know he has some fragile ribs. I’m the king of ribs, go ask his boy Tyron. He’ll tell him how I am with ribs. You know, that guy’s fragile,” Covington said to Submission Radio. “It doesn’t matter, man, if he goes on that show, if he tries to do anything, he’s just gonna get dumped on his head and knocked the f**k out unconscious. So, what’s that guy gonna do. I mean this is the fight that has to happen after he keeps running his mouth. I’m a coward, I’m fragile, I’m this, I’m that, no you’re the b***h. You’re the fragile brittle little b***h, you know. I’m the king of Miami, everybody knows that. I run these streets here. The 305 is mine. I occupy this whole territory. No one can say any different and he knows that.

“Show up or just shut your f*****g mouth and let real me do work. I’m still going to be here. Put that f***ing whack a*s BMF belt back on the f***ing line,” Covington continued. “Everybody knows who the real baddest motherf***er in this sport is. It’s Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. Bring that f*****g belt out, and let’s f***ing do this s**t. Do The Ultimate Fighter, whatever. Tape for four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, and run this fight in Miami. It makes sense.”

Given Jorge Masvidal did pull out of his fight against Leon Edwards, the fight against Colby Covington does make sense. He also pitched they would coach The Ultimate Fighter which is what many people want to happen. But, regardless, it is clear Covington has violent plans for Masvidal.

Who do you think would win, Colby Covington or Jorge Masvidal?

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