PHOTO | Jon Jones is really pushing for the Brock Lesnar fight

Jon Jones

Shortly after his UFC 214 defeat of Daniel Cormier, which earned him the UFC light heavyweight title, Jon Jones began doubling down on his calls for a fight with former UFC heavyweight champ and long-time WWE superstar Brock Lesnar.

“Man, it would be like a modern day David and Goliath situation,” Jones recently told Sway in the Morning of a potential battle with Lesnar. “This guy is a freak athlete. NCAA national wrestling champion. I mean he’s built like – he’s such a special athlete. I think a lot of people would assume that I would lose that fight and when you get an argument like that where people really don’t know who is going to win, that’s when the money is created. That’s when you get the main stream, general public wanting to tune into this freak show, right? The little guy versus this monster.”

“I know that it’s possible to beat a guy like him. I think, the higher the risk, the higher the reward and great things are never supposed to come easy. And so, that it what I’m striving for, is greatness, to do the unthinkable.”

While Jones also recently acknowledged that, because of Brock Lesnar’s current USADA suspension, this fight might have to wait, he recently continued his push for it my sharing an (unofficial) promotional poster for it on Instagram. See this poster below:

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Would you be interested in seeing Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar fight, or should Jones focus on defending his newly reclaimed light heavyweight title against one of the division’s deserving contenders?

This article first appeared on on 8/10/2017.

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