Jon Jones wants to make Daniel Cormier “cry backstage again”

Jon Jones

On Wednesday evening, UFC 214 headliners Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones joined Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping on Fox Sports 1 for one of their final pre-fight interviews. As expected, the two rivals once again got into it.

At one point, Jones was asked whether emotion will play a factor when the cage door closes on Saturday night. He and Cormier are, after all, not fans of one another.

“Listen, I’ve fought against Chael Sonnen, who’s one of the best trash talkers in our sport’s history, I’ve fought against Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, and I’ve always been the same guy when it comes to fight night,” Jones said, assuring Florian that he’ll fight with a level head (h/t “There is no nervousness, there are no butterflies, it’s me doing what I feel God put me in this planet to do, which is to be a fighter. I don’t have a commentating job or anything like that. My only passion is to be the greatest fighter ever and this is what I do. I go out there the same guy despite whether the guy was respectful or an asshole. I go out there and I focus on winning every time.”

Cormier then chimed in, assuring Jones did briefly have a commentator job.

“He did try having a commentator job but he sucked at it,” Cormier said. “Let’s be honest, you tried and you sucked at it. I saw you and you sucked, so shut up.”

Jones then fired back:

“I’m going to tell you what I don’t suck at. I mean, you saw it, you were crying on Cain Velasquez’ shoulder. Actually, you know what, I don’t want a commentator job, I just want to make you cry backstage again.”

Who do you think will win when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier step into the cage together on Saturday night?

This article first appeared on on 7/27/2017.

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