Jon Jones and Matt Mitrione engage in twitter beef!

By Russell Ess - October 28, 2016

With Jon Jones not getting any time to fight in the Octagon, the former UFC light heavyweight champion can still find a few wars to get into on the Internet.

twitter beef

On Friday, Jones and Bellator heavyweight Matt Mitrione got into it on twitter.

Mitrione posted a photo of a bartender side by side with a photo of Jones and said, “To support his habit during suspension, apparently Jon Jones (he blocked me) picked up a cash job. Clever disguise Jon.”

Jones took offense to the post from Mitrione and replied, “@mattmitrione I have more money in real estate then your net worth. You come out of nowhere talking shit, fuck off bro.”

Mitrione replied to Jones and said, “@JonnyBones it’s ok princess, cocaine and your other habits that we ALL know about will drain that. You’re a great talent w God complex. 👎”

Jones responded once again and said, “@mattmitrione have a good weekend, hope this somehow made you feel better.”

Then the two replied to some fans who were getting in on the action.

“Lol he’s cut? I didn’t know that lol hey, smart man. Maybe he’ll get an article tomorrow.”

“Hey everybody had on over and give @mattmitrione a few follows. He needs some attention today,” Jones added.

“The dude is clean”????? Dafuq? Hahaha, you must support Hillary as well,” Mitrione tweeted and added, “Been cut? Goat LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT…We’re a different animal up north lil buddy.”

As far as a fan saying that he would fear for Mitrione’s life if he stepped into the cage against Jones, Mitrione simply said, “Dude. Stop. Think it through. Just stop.”

Jones went on to question on why he gets so much hate from other athletes.

“I swear I get the most hate from the washed up ones 😒”

“I’ve never had a public figure who was clearly doing better than me go out of their way to harass me on the Internet.”

“Screw the public figure part. I’m never harassed by people in general who seem like they got it going on.”

“Maybe that’s because they’re too busy enjoying their life, maybe it’s because they’re out there living a grateful life.”

“maybe they just don’t have time for the random hatred or jealousy.”


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