Jon Jones says it’s “a freeing feeling to be looked at as a piece of sh*t by so many people”

Jon Jones

If you saw the first official promo for UFC 214, which is headlined by a light heavyweight grudge match between champ Daniel Cormier and challenger Jon Jones, you probably noticed that it did not portray Jones especially well. Instead, it detailed Jones many recent indiscretions in rapid succession.

During the official UFC 214 media conference call, which occurred earlier this week, Jones addressed the tone of this promo. At first, the former champ said, he wasn’t especially keen on it. Since then, however, he’s come to appreciate it and embrace the bad guy image he’s been painted with.

“The first time I watched [the promo], I was uncomfortable with it, because it showed me talking in 2011 and saying how I would never want to do something that would harm the image of the sport,” Jones said (h/t “That was genuine, man. I never intended on having an image of being the bad guy. I really didn’t. Somewhere along the way I got lost, man. I got caught up in my own sh*t. I started having fun and partying — and still winning. I just took it all for granted. Genuinely, I really wanted to be an inspiration to other people and to inspire people and be a role model.”

“It’s all out there in the public,” Jones continued. “And that’s a freeing feeling to be looked at as a piece of shit by so many people. And to be able to just be real for yourself and to take responsibility for the things you’ve done wrong. I feel so free, man. It’s a great feeling to be who I am. Jon Jones, the f*ck up. Jon Jones, the great. However, you look at me, it’s just great to be me. Alive. Whether you like me or hate me. It’s just a great feeling to be relevant.”

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This article first appeared on on 7/26/2017.

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