ABC approves 4 new weight classes for MMA

UFC arena - ABC

Wednesday morning, surprising news surfaced that the Association of Boxing Commissions had unanimously approved the introduction of four new weight classes to Mixed Martial Arts.

In addition to the nine weight classes that were already sanctioned, there are now four new weight classes being added to the mix!

165 pound super lightweight division
175 pound super welterweight division
195 pound super middleweight division
225 pound cruiserweight division

It is important to mention that the ABC approving the four new weight classes does not necessarily mean that promotions do not have to introduce the weight class to their respective promotions. For example, the UFC may or may not necessarily choose to adopt the new weight classes, while another promotion will independently make their own decision on whether or not they will choose to adopt the weight classes.

CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster spoke to MMAJunkie to discuss the situation, and explain why the addition of the new weight classes don’t mean the end of ones that are already in place:

“If you’ve got a bunch of fighters at 170 and this body eliminates (the welterweight class), that’s a terrible business idea,” he said. “But they understand the problem with dehydration. I know the UFC is not going to open 175 this afternoon. But it sets it up for the future.”

This article first appeared on on 7/26/2017.

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