On This Day: Joe Lauzon makes his UFC debut with 48-second knockout

By Russell Ess - September 23, 2016

It has been a crazy and long road for UFC fan favorite Joe Lauzon.

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“J-Lau” burst onto the scene 10 years ago on this day in September of 2006 when he made his UFC debut against former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver.

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Lauzon shocked the world when he knocked Pulver out in just 48 seconds of the very first round. The UFC bonus machine posted a photo on Instagram celebrating his 10-year UFC anniversary.

Lauzon said in his post caption, “Today marks 10 years for me in the @UFC. Pretty crazy. Thankful for all the support from family, friends and fans. No idea where we will be in 10 years from now, but it can’t be any wilder than these last 10.”

With currently being tied with fellow TUF 5 member Nate Diaz for the most bonuses in UFC history at 15 a piece, Lauzon told BJPenn.com in an exclusive interview from the past that it was just his frame of mind with fighting that has stacked up all the bonuses in his favor.

“I’m always hunting submissions”, Joe said. “I attack aggressively while I’m in the cage. I really wasn’t that surprised because of the way I fight”.

“I think I’m one of the guys who attacks more than anyone else. It’s just kind of a product of attacking and looking for submissions. I think some people try to ground and pound and just work away at people. I’m always trying to hurt people, but I want that submission every time”.

creepy joe j-lau

“There are some times you try and TKO someone then the other guy may hang on and they last it out. You get tired so my idea is to catch that submission. There’s no way to get away from it and I can be a little more methodical about it. I can make sure I get the sub, but with the TKO you never know how someone is going to react when you hit them”.

We’ll be looking forward to more exciting bonus-winning fights from the 32-year-old lightweight in the years to come!


Joe Lauzon