UFC Orlando Results: Jeremy Stephens KO’s Josh Emmett (VIDEO)

Jeremy Stephens

UFC Orlando Results: Jeremy Stephens KO’s Josh Emmett

A key featherweight tilt between Josh Emmett and Jeremy Stephens headlined tonight’s UFC on FOX 28 event in Orlando, Florida.

Round one begins and both fighters are trying to find their range early. Stephens lands a nice low kick. He just misses with a left hook attempt. Stephens takes the center of the octagon. He misses with a low kick. He goes to the body with a hook. Emmett fires back with a low kick but it hits Jeremy in the groin. The referee steps in to let Stephens recover. We restart and Emmett charges forward with a big right hand. Jeremy avoids the punch and circles out. Stephens attempts a flying knee but misses. Emmett looks to capitalize with some counter strikes but Stephens is able to avoid anything significant. Jeremy with a nice left hook to the body. Emmett smiles at him so you know it hurt. Stephens presses forward but Emmett catches him with a right hand. Stephens hit the decks. Emmett jumps on him with ground and pound. Jeremy is able to scramble and get back to his feet. Emmett is utilizing a lot of movement. He lands a body kick and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins Stephens lands a nice low kick to start. Emmett replies with a kick to the body. Stephens circles and then throws a spinning back fist that partially lands. Emmett misses with a hook and Jeremy fires off a low kick. Stephens with a left hook that floors Emmett. He follows up with some violent ground and pound and Emmett is out cold. My good lord! Stephens is an animal!

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