Jason Knight claims Conor McGregor didn’t show up for a “good solid week” of TUF 31 practices

By Cole Shelton - October 9, 2023

Jason Knight says Conor McGregor rarely showed up to TUF 31 practices and filming.

Jason Knight and Conor McGregor

McGregor returned to coach TUF 31 opposite Michael Chandler, and during the show, the Irishman was noticeably not around for weigh-ins. Kurt Holobaugh then told BJPENN.com that Conor McGregor was the cause of multiple practices being canceled because he didn’t show up.

Now, Jason Knight spoke to BJPENN.com and confirmed that was the case. He also said McGregor wasn’t around for a full week at of training, which is even worse considering Knight says filming only lasted about four or five weeks.

“Yeah, man. From what I can understand, he missed at least a good solid week of the practices and we were only there for a month. He missed a good solid week of not being there at all,” Jason Knight said to BJPENN.com about Conor McGregor’s coaching on TUF 31. “We saw with our own eyes, that these guys are supposed to be doing two sessions a day, and half the time they would cancel either the morning session or the night session. Or, they would come to the house and do cardio on some workout bikes. We can clearly do them by ourselves, we are all grown men who are professional fighters. If we want to get in some cardio we can do that right here.

“We got a gym of our own with bikes. Why would all of these coaches come over just to jump on some bikes or a row machine? That didn’t make any sense to me. A lot of their team, you could tell they got fed up with it,” Jason Knight continued about Conor McGregor. “Conor was there to do a job, whenever a camera was there, Conor was turned on. Whenever the camera wasn’t there, he was actually a half-ass decent person, he was pretty cool. When a camera was in front of him, he was this personality.”

As of right now, Conor McGregor hasn’t commented on the accusations of him canceling practices and not showing up for TUF 31 filming. But, Jason Knight says he was glad to be on Michael Chandler’s team.


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