Jamahal Hill takes aim at Ariel Helwani for the “dirty, sneaky tactics that he likes to use” to get over on fighters

By Susan Cox - August 2, 2023

Jamahal Hill is taking aim at Ariel Helwani for the ‘dirty, sneaky tactics that he likes to use’ to get over on fighters.

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Hill is making it known that he was less than thrilled about a recent conversation Ariel Helwani had with Jiří Procházka.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has gone so far as to accuse journalist Helwani of deliberately trying to manufacture drama between himself and Procházka.

It was Hill (12-1 MMA) who claimed the vacant light heavyweight title when he defeated Glover Teixiera (33-9 MMA) at UFC 283 in January of this year.

Following the victory, there was talk of a Hill vs Procházka (29-3 MMA) match-up. However, Hill tore his Achilles tendon, requiring rest and recovery and ultimately forced him to relinquish the title.  Jiří reached out and sent  a message of support to Hill.

You see, Procházka had previously elected to do the same, relinquishing the light heavyweight title when he suffered a serious shoulder injury ahead of UFC 282 in December of 2022.

It was earlier this week where Procházka appeared on ‘The MMA Hour’ with Ariel Helwani, discussing Hill’s injury.

Jamahal Hill took to his YouTube channel to offer up a response to that interview, primarily directed at Helwani:

“This message is for Ariel ‘Ho-Whiny’. Now, Ariel and Jiří got together last night and had an interview. And as a lot of you already know and have seen, Ariel’s dirty, sneaky tactics that he likes to use to get over on fighters. And he does this all the while being completely – man, just a punk…You have an agenda, have a problem with me, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s due to the fact of last time when I came on your show after my championship fight you tried your tactics on me, and they didn’t work. You thought that I was just another dumb fighter, somebody that you could just run circles on verbally, and it didn’t work out for you…You’re now upset, and every chance you get you’re just taking shots at me.”

Continuing, addressing Jiři’s comments, about Jamahal Hill possibly being overweight which impacted his injury, the 32-year-old  said:

“So honestly, how am I supposed to take that? How are y’all gonna take that? Because you talk about trying to be gangster…What was the video that you made after I won the title? You’re supposed to be resting and recovering. Everything that I’ve said, the ‘Where you at though?’ And all that was in response to him calling me out. So you trash for calling me out, right? Why are you talking? You’re only supposed to just show it, right?”

Concluding ‘Sweet Dreams’ doubled down on Helwani saying (h/t MMANews):

“You’re gonna let Ariel talk you in, bring you in, and now he’s got you looking like a fool like he is. ‘Cause he’s salty, he gets soggy, and he doesn’t care. He just tries to make points even where there is none. Champ, you’re better than that. Don’t let him suck you in like that. It’s pathetic, bro.”

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