Ian Machado Garry explains why he’s so confident he would beat Khamzat Chimaev in a potential fight: “Whats he gonna do?”

By Cole Shelton - February 16, 2024

Ian Machado Garry has full confidence he will defeat Khamzat Chimaev if the two ever fight in the UFC.

Ian Machado Garry and Khamzat Chimaev

Garry is one of the top contenders at welterweight and is set to face Geoff Neal on the main card of UFC 298 on Saturday. Should he win, he would be right in the title conversation at welterweight. One person who has been linked to a title shot at welterweight is Chimaev, despite the Swede going up to middleweight in his last fight.

If Khamzat Chiamev does return to the welterweight division, Ian Machado Garry would be open to fighting him as he says it is his dream fight.

“It would have to be in the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland as my dream venue because they’re never going to go to Croke Park,” Garry told Sporting Post. “And the dream opponent would be me versus Khamzat Chimaev because everyone talks about him like he’s this badman and this boogeyman, but in time I’m going get a chance to lay hands on him. If he’s the baddest man that everyone is afraid of I’m going to show the world what’s up. He’d be my dream opponent in Ireland. I want that f—king wolf. I want that badman. I want to be the baddest man on Earth, and everyone considers it to be him at the moment, but let me punch the mouth off him and we’ll see what’s up.”

Not only is Khmazat Chimaev Ian Machado’s Garry dream opponent but he has full confidence he would hand the Swede his first career loss.

“F*****g right. Whats he gonna do? Take me down? great bring it on, lets go, bring it on, let’s go. Dude, so am I, I’m bigger than he’s, I’m 6’3″, I’m taller, longer, faster than he is. Amazing wrestling, he gets tired though, he gets tired pretty quick, I don’t. The truth is, so what if he takes me down, I’d elbow the skull off of him,” Garry said.

Although Ian Machado Garry has full confidence he would beat Khamzat Chimaev whether or not a fight between the two ever happens is uncertain. Chimaev does seem focused on middleweight, but perhaps the brash Irishman decides to move up in weight to make the fight happen.

But, before that fight can happen, Ian Machado Garry will need to defeat Geoff Neal on Saturday at UFC 298.

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