Jay Glazer calls on MMA community to blackball former NFL star Greg Hardy

By Russell Ess - October 11, 2016

Interesting news came out on Monday when MMA Fighting revealed that former NFL star Greg Hardy was looking to transition to a career in mixed martial arts.

Greg Hardy

Hardy was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 2010 NFL draft and played for the team as a star defensive end. However, in 2014, Hardy was found guilty of assaulting an ex-girlfriend. According to a report from The Washington Post, “Hardy was found guilty by a North Carolina judge and, following procedure in that state, asked for a jury trial. The case was dismissed when the alleged victim did not appear.”

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The Panthers decided to not re-sign Hardy in 2015, which led to the defensive specialist to be picked up as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys. More issues off the field led to the Hardy not being re-signed and was unable to be picked up by another NFL team since, which sparked his intent to transition to mixed martial arts.

NFL insider and a host of UFC on FOX, Jay Glazer came out and made a public call on twitter to ask for all MMA coaches and promoters to avoid Hardy and his wishes to become a professional fighter.

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Glazer tweeted the following on Tuesday:

I would be incredibly disappointed in any of my fellow MMA coaches and any promoters if they took Greg Hardy in and taught him a shred of our incredible sport. Many of us train women in self defense specifically to help protect vs domestic violence. Me and all my coaches at @Unbreakable do and take great pride in that. Competing in any sport is a privilege, Greg Hardy should not be granted the privilege. There are many beautiful arts taught in our sport, none of which should be afforded to him.

What are your thoughts on the history of Greg Hardy and having him trained in mixed martial arts? It is clear how Jay Glazer feels and has put it out there loud and clear. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!


Greg Hardy