Michael Bisping responds to “f**king d**chebag” Chris Weidman”

Michael Bisping

This past weekend in Manchester, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping stepped into the Octagon to make his first successful title defense against MMA legend Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 204.

Bisping survived an early onslaught from Henderson en route to defending his belt for the first time. In both the first and second rounds, Bisping was dropped with Henderson’s signature ‘H-Bomb’. However throughout the remainder of the fight, he continued to outwork Henderson, and outstrike the MMA legend, landing a significant volume of strikes.

Dan Henderson Michael Bisping

Following the fight, Bisping took some time in his post-fight Octagon speech to talk some trash to the UFC’s middleweight division. When addressing former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Bisping pointed out that he lost his last fight to Luke Rockhold, whom he beat to win the title.

Weidman, who is hoping to return to title contention at UFC 205 when he faces Yoel Romero, went on to call Bisping’s post-fight callout embarrassing given that he believed Henderson should have won the fight.

Chris Weidman

Bisping responded to Weidman’s comments in an interview with FloCombat, saying:

“There’s that whiner, that crybaby, if Chris Weidman wants to do it then I’m more than happy,” Bisping said. “If he smashes through Romero next month then let’s do it–I’m happy. If he thinks I’m ducking him then that’s crazy because I’ve never ducked anyone in my life. I’m certainly not going to start with that f**king d**chebag.

“If wants to do it then yeah come on. If he wants to try and wrestle me to death then he will find himself getting punched in the face repeatedly. Dan Henderson was a tough ask but I’ll finish Chris Weidman for sure.”

“He just doesn’t stop complaining,” Bisping said. “He feels like everyone owes him something and preaches on about his father and this and that. He should shut the f**k up–he’s not part of God’s plan. If there is a god he’s got bigger fish to fry than Chris Weidman and his f**king life.”

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