Top UFC lightweight offered fight against Georges St-Pierre for UFC 200

Georges St-Pierre post fight victory

The return of former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre seems ever so close with all of his latest media appearances.

With Conor McGregor out of the UFC 200 main event against Nate Diaz, the UFC is working overtime to find a match that will bring in the big numbers for the marquee card.

Top UFC lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov who just came off a win against Darrel Horcher at UFC on FOX 19 says he was called by the UFC to join the UFC 200 card against some big names.

“Yesterday the UFC called me with a proposal to hold the main bout of the evening against Nate Diaz, or against Georges St-Pierre,” Khabib said during a live interview on Match TV (transcribed by Bloody Elbow). “They hope that I will take the fight. But it is four days after the month of Ramadan, and it would be hard physically to fight five rounds. I’ll be back in September and October.”

The big news here is that Nurmagomedov was offered a fight with Georges St-Pierre, which means we very well could see the return of “Rush” at UFC 200.

What matchup do you think can save UFC 200 without the star power of Conor McGregor? Share you matchmaking skills with us in the comment section!

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